Acta Universitatis Carolinae Theologica (2018-02-01)

Křesťanství jako pravdivý mýtus: Kognitivní teorie metafory a její význam pro fundamentální teologii

  • Barbora Šmejdová

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 7, no. 2
pp. 39 – 56


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The aim of the article is to investigate the theory of conceptual metaphor with regard to its possible use in fundamental theology. Instead of focusing on the analysis of concrete metaphors, the article argues that it is first necessary to reflect on the philosophical and theological background of the theory. After that, as the article shows, cognitive theory of metaphor can provide a very useful perspective which would shed a new light on the themes like the relation between faith and science, Christianity and contemporary culture and others. At first, the article introduces the basic features of conceptual metaphor theory and cognitive linguistics in general. Then it tries to set it in theological context. Finally, it suggests possible ways how the theory can contribute to the development of the themes relevant for fundamental theology.