Aula (Jul 2016)

Influence of context on teaching interests of future teachers in Physical Education specialists

  • Juan Antonio GARCÍA HERRERO,

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 19, no. 0
pp. 211 – 224


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The present study analyse the influence that has to deal the subject of Sports School Initiation, of third course of Teaching studies of the speciality of Physical Education in the interests of the pupils before and after the same one. For it, there have taken part in the study 46 pupils whom a questionnaire spends autocompleted, in that they must demonstrate their interest on 22 items related to this subject. The Factor Analysis realized, indicates that the interests of the student before and after passing for the subject gather in crowds in a different way. The data, allow to observe an evolution in the students factor scheme from the beginning until the end of their relation with this subject. The found results allow to identify the effect that has to deal a subject on the interests of the students and the most attractive subject matters according to their criterion.