Stem Cell Research (Dec 2020)

Generation of induced pluripotent stem cells (NIMHi002-A and NIMHi003-A) from two sporadic Parkinson's disease patient of East Indian ethnicity

  • Indrani Datta,
  • Soham Jagtap,
  • Sowmithra,
  • Ravi Yadav,
  • Pramod Kumar Pal

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 49
p. 101995


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Epidemiological studies suggest that about 95% of PD have a sporadic component. We have generated induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) using Sendai-virus reprogramming-method from peripheral blood mononuclear cells of two sporadic PD-patient of East-Indian ethnicity carrying no PD-related gene mutations. PD diagnosis was performed using Unified Parkinson's Disease rating scale (UPDRS) score and confirmed by [18F]fluoro-L-dopa [F-DOPA] positron emission tomography (F-DOPA PET). The iPSC lines were characterized for self-renewal and pluripotency. These generated lines will provide a valuable resource to understand the pathophysiology of this disease and a drug-screening platform.