De la présence aux restes

Socio-anthropologie. 2016;34:67-79 DOI 10.4000/socio-anthropologie.2443


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Journal Title: Socio-anthropologie

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Publisher: Éditions de la Sorbonne

Society/Institution: université paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

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Country of publisher: France

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Baptiste Monsaingeon


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When we clear up rubbish, we clear up in a same movement their embedded memory. Focused on the “revenance” thematic, this article aims to discuss the hypothesis of our presence to rubbish as experience of confrontation with some ghosts of contemporary societies. If our objects were able to resist to their own disappearance, to these daily and repeated murder attempts, would they be able to echo this fallen memory? In other words, if discarded goods were returning, would they have something to tell us? Would we thus only able to listen to them? Based on the narrative of an encounter with a trash pile lost in the middle of the ocean, this article aim to demonstrate that it is possible to perceive them as fragments of the unconscious of time.