Zhishi guanli luntan (Apr 2021)

Practice of Knowledge Management Services at Illinois Fire Service Institute Library

  • Ruan Lian ,
  • David Ehrenhart,
  • Diane Richardson,
  • Liu Shuyi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6, no. 2
pp. 100 – 106


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[Purpose/significance] This article introduces the establishment and development of the Illinois Firefighter Line of Duty Deaths Digital Image Collection Database (IFLODD) at the Illinois Fire Service Institute (IFSI) Library. [Method/process] The article introduced the functions and services of IFLODD from its creation, data collection, data processing, users, maintenance, and improvement. [Results/conclusion] IFLODD reflects the user-driven management of the IFSI library and serves as a reference for other special libraries for improving user services and knowledge management services.