Designing and Inhabiting Virtual Environments - Skipping dimensions in Ljubljana

AR: Arhitektura, Raziskave. 2012;XIII(2+3):116-117


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Journal Title: AR: Arhitektura, Raziskave

ISSN: 1580-5573 (Print); 1581-6974 (Online)

Publisher: University of Ljubljana

LCC Subject Category: Fine Arts: Architecture

Country of publisher: Slovenia

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Matevž Juvančič

Špela Verovšek


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The students and mentors at the second in the series of DIVE workshops worked on the topic of humanising virtual environments. On this occasion, a connection was to be established between the physical and virtual part of the city quarter called Žabjek (Ljubljana). The participants also acquired additional knowledge and skills, such as the use of parametrics, algorithimics, 3D printing, expanded their digital literacy and were constantly reminded about the meaning of scales, the meeting points of the virtual and physical, and new opportunities that such connections and virtual spaces in general offer to architects, but also to their residents and visitors. The problem-based task led to interesting, conceptual proposals, which, given their specifics and the special educational parameters of the workshop, should be seen as starting points for reflection rather than for realisation in physical spaces.