Encyclopaideia (2018-12-01)

Emotional Bodies: Reflections on Emotional Learning in Schools

  • Simone Digennaro

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 22, no. 52
pp. 13 – 23


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For some time now, the school is reflecting on the emotional education. A Growing number of projects and specific activities were developed as effect of a large interest on a theme that, in the past, was barely investigated. The pioneering work of the projects opened interesting scenarios, illuminating, at the same time, the huge potentialities of such a kind of education and the difficulties in changing the teaching practices. The research in the sector continues to provide evidence of the crucial role of emotional skills in the growth and maturation of the individuals and of the fundamental role that the school can play in the development of these important skills. The scientific recognition and the background of the projects were two important steps. The following one is regarded to insert, systematically, the educational emotion in the curriculum at school, gathering the important aspects of the projects already implemented and overcoming the barriers that still exist. The paper wants to contribute to the debate by focusing on the issues concerning the methodology and the teaching practices.