Olivar: Revista de Literatura y Cultura Españolas (Nov 2006)

Historia de una amistad: Ramón Sender y Carmen Laforet desde sus exilios

  • Emilia De Zuleta

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 7, no. 8


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Carmen Laforet's Nada received the first prize in the Nadal Awards in 1944. Although the novel was highly praised inside Spain, two of its interpretations made in the exile raise more interest. The first one is an article by Francisco Ayala published in the first number of Realidad, a magazine in Buenos Aires. The second interpretation, consists of a letter by Ramón Sender. This letter has been published, together with 76 other letters exchanged by him and Laforet, in Puedo contar contigo. Throughout these texts, both writers build up a sort of confesion-dialogue from which the reader can have a glimpse of their silhouettes, full of existential ups-anddowns of pain, nostalgia, depression and hope. Rolón Parada's book also illustrates a relationship between the Spain of the "inside" and that of the "outside" which took place during the Franquism.