Науковий вісник Львівського національного університету ветеринарної медицини та біотехнологій імені С.З. Ґжицького: Серія Ветеринарні науки (Aug 2020)

Hoof deformity and its influence on the occurrence of chronic aseptic pododermatitis in cows

  • N. M. Khomyn,
  • A. R. Mysak,
  • S. V. Tsisinska,
  • V. V. Pritsak,
  • N. V. Nazaruk,
  • Yu. M. Lenjo,
  • M. M. Khomyn

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 22, no. 98
pp. 51 – 56


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It is known that deformity of the hooves is one of the most common lesions, the main cause of which is a violation of the relationship between the speed of regrowth and abrasion of the hoof horn. It develops gradually and initially does not cause changes in the organism of cows, but later leads to various diseases, including orthopedic. It is determined that in alimentary osteodystrophy (results of multifactorial mass-volume analysis and prolonged osteotendinitis of the finger flexors) and irregular corrective cleaning of the hooves and formed triggered deformation of the hooves, which leads to a violation of the support-force interactions contributes to the emergence and development of aseptic subdermatitis of chronic genesis, which is clinically appeared by lameness animals addiction, careful stepping from limb to limb, fatigue, shortening of step, etc. Simultaneously, there are changes from a bone tissue. Thus, in the area of the sole of the hoof bone, single or multiple osteophytes and exostoses are formed, which are formed in the process of ossification and metabolic disorders. According to chronic aseptic pododermatitis in cows there is a deterioration in the quality of the hoof horn, as indicated by the results of biochemical and biophysical searches. In particular, there is a decrease in calcium, sulfur, an increase in the concentration of SH-groups, a decrease in the concentration of copper, zinc, cobalt, which leads to a decrease in the density and hardness of the hoof horn, as well as an increase in abrasion resistance and a decrease in the intensity of abrasion of the horn of the animal sole, which leads to an accruing in the horn of the sole and dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system.