Ler História (2012-06-01)

O desenvolvimento do processo conspirativo militar na Guiné até ao 25 de Abril de 1974

  • Rui Filipe de Brito Camacho Duarte

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 62
pp. 53 – 70


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April 25, 1974 – Portugal awoke in a military coup, after a long period of dictatorship, which began on May 28, 1926 and fossilized in the form of the «Estado Novo». The military insurgents decided to seize power in order to change the governing force paradigm, which persisted in dragging a war overseas without apparent end. This article is the result of an investigation that sought to ascertain how various movements of military protesters and later conspiratorial, developed in Guinea-Bissau, whose actions contributed to overthrow the metropolitan government.