IEEE Access (2021-01-01)

A Dual Layer Secure Data Encryption and Hiding Scheme for Color Images Using the Three-Dimensional Chaotic Map and Lah Transformation

  • Ammar S. Alanazi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9
pp. 26583 – 26592


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The rapid increase in the usage of multimedia content and transmission over the internet demands data securing techniques. In this work, a data encryption technique using a three-dimensional chaotic map and highly nonlinear substitution boxes for the encryption of secret images, followed by a data hiding scheme based on Lah transformation i-e the secret image is first encrypted and then hide in the cover image. For data hiding, integer's polynomial sequence is generated using addition and multiplication in coefficient form by evaluating pixels of images, secret bits of Lah transformed encrypted image are embedded in the LhTs coefficient of cover image partitioned into the cluster of four bits. To ensure minimum distortion coefficient adjustment is done before the embedding process. To obtain the stego image inverse Lah transformation is applied after the embedding process. The security analysis of the proposed dual layer data security scheme is performed, the result shows that the proposed system bearing strong immunity against various cryptographic attacks.