Index Comunicación (Jan 2018)

Analysis of the editing, the post-production and the graphic design in the opening of the television serie ‘Narcos’ (Netflix): proposal for film microanalysis for an opening sequence for television

  • José Patricio Pérez Rufí,
  • Juan Ángel Jódar Marín

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 1
pp. 31 – 55


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The paper’s subject matter is the opening of the television serie Narcos, produced for the VOD television platform Netflix. The purpose of this paper is to deconstruct the selected opening sequence in pieces from a formal point of view, in order to discover its principles of creation with reference to filming, editing, post-production, uses of typography and the application of the basis of graphic design. We will apply a film microanalysis methodology with special attention to the formal aspects in the audio-visual work. The results show that the editing of shoots and texts creates a perception of visual collage. Even if the texts are not kinetics and there’s a search for legibility, the right readability in the texts seems not to be the final goal. We will conclude that in the opening of Narcos the editing of the sequence and the multiplicity of different elements and graphic resources prevail a creative character in the sequence and, therefore, an ornamental purpose rather than functional. The informative purpose will remain in the background, associated to the introduction of the texts relative to the cast ant production staff responsible for the television serie.