Akofena (Dec 2023)

Identity and Acculturation: the Case for Algeria


Journal volume & issue
Vol. 03, no. 10


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Abstract: This article examines the intricate relationship between identity and acculturation in Algeria, a nation of significant historical and cultural importance in North Africa. Amidst rapid cultural diversity and change, Algeria grapples with the complexities of identity. The study advocates a multidimensional approach, considering personal, relational, and social dimensions. Algeria's identity is portrayed as multifaceted, shaped by personal values, relationships, and group memberships. Acculturation processes, including unidimensional, bi-dimensional, and multidimensional models, are explored to understand how Algerians navigate cultural adaptation. The historical context, including colonization and independence, defines Algeria's identity. Post-independence challenges involve reconciling a unified national identity with cultural diversity, particularly among Berber and Kabyle populations. Globalization and modernization present both opportunities and challenges, leading to a proposed modified acculturation model integrating a tri-dimensional identity approach. Embracing these multidimensional models is crucial for appreciating Algeria's cultural diversity amid globalization and modernization, necessitating further nuanced research. Keywords: Algeria, Identity, Acculturation, Multiculturalism, Globalization