Case Reports in Endocrinology (2021-01-01)

Coincidence of Large Adrenal Cyst and Prominent Hyporeninemic Hyperaldosteronism

  • Takaaki Sakaue,
  • Yosuke Okuno,
  • Kosuke Mukai,
  • Shingo Fujita,
  • Junji Kozawa,
  • Hitoshi Nishizawa,
  • Taka-Aki Matsuoka,
  • Hiromi Iwahashi,
  • Maeda Norikazu,
  • Yuto Yamazaki,
  • Hironobu Sasano,
  • Michio Otsuki,
  • Iichiro Shimomura

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2021


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A 67-year-old Japanese woman who had end-stage renal disease was referred to our hospital for kidney transplantation. Abdominal CT revealed a large adrenal mass with inhomogeneity. She had a history of hospitalization for stroke and heart failure and exhibited prominent hyporeninemic hyperaldosteronism. Histological examination of the resected tumor with anti-CYP11B2 antibody indicated that she had a vascular endothelial cyst with primary aldosteronism (PA) due to multiple adrenocortical micronodules. This report implicates the pathological interaction between adrenal vascular cysts and PA-mediated vascular damage of the adrenal vein.