TheoRhēma (Dec 2014)

Supernaturally Infused or Naturally Emerged Soul? A Study of the Appeal of Theistic Evolutionist Systems to Dual Anthropology

  • Gheorghe Răzmeriță

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. 2


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The article studies the relationship between theistic evolutionism and the dualistic and sinful aspects of the human nature. This engagement proves essential to Adventist theology, with its particular creationism and anthropology. Two questions stand out in this study. First, how do the concepts of dualism and sin affect theistic evolutionism? Could some Adventist theologians who may be tempted to accept theistic evolutionism remain consistent with their biblical anthropology and still embrace theistic evolutionism? Besides the introduction and conclusion, the article is structured in three major sections: theistic evolutionist systems that integrate dualism, theistic evolutionist systems that do not integrate dualism, and an assessment of both options.