HYBRIS: Revista de Filosofía (May 2013)

The historic disease of hermeneutics and its dialectical transformation. The weak thought between Gadamer and Benjamin.

  • Leandro Catoggio

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 1
pp. 9 – 37


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The present work aims to show how the hermeneutics of nihilistic Gianni Vattimo using his criticism of the ontological hermeneutic of Gadamer retrieves the figure of Walter Benjamin and the associated with the project of Heidegger. This leads to the present work, in the first place, describe which are the criticisms that Vattimo you performed to Gadamer; and, secondly, show how it is possible combine the philosophy of Heidegger with the critical thinking of Benjamin. Finally, it is indicated by the consistency of these authors as is possible the construction of a subject post-metaphysical