Interaction Design and Architecture(s) (May 2013)

Scenarios for active learning in smart territories

  • Fabrizia Moggio,
  • Andrea Camusi,
  • Antonello Tancredi,
  • Fabrizio Cicola,
  • Andrea Iosue,
  • Carlo Giovannella,
  • Vincenzo Baraniello,
  • Simone Carcone,
  • Silvio Coco

Journal volume & issue
no. 16
pp. 7 – 16


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This work is intended to foster a “quantum leap” in the reflection on learning in smart cities/territories. We try to move from a vision according to which education is identified with “infrastructures and services” needed to sustain the smart city “organism” (due also to the social capital that it may produce) toward a “new” vision that recovers the founding role of the educative processes, through which the relationships between persons and inhabited territories are continuously reshaped. According to that we present: a) a strategic and methodological approach focused on museal field and narrative as key elements of future "learning from smart cities"; b) a model of an advanced integrated technological environment (mobile, web, internet of things) designed to support such an approach. The need for a different approach to the monitoring of complex learning experiences is also underlined.