Revija za Univerzalno Odličnost (Dec 2015)

Družbeno odgovorno poslanstvo Arheološkega parka Marof

  • Anita Skubic

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 4
pp. 205 – 214


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Research Question (RQ): Novo mesto with its surroudnings is known to Slovenian and foreign professional and lay public for its prehistoric and his toric remains, mainly form Bronze and Iron Age, from times as far as 1000 B.C. In the recent years tourism is considered to be one of the most growing economic service activities in the world. Toursim is a civilizational achievement of the modern era and one of the essential factors of economic development, therefore many countries emphasize the development of tourism as a stategic developmental direction. The question I proposed is whether the etsablishment of the arcaheoloigcal park Marof would lead to a successfull preservation of the acraeological findings and their presentaiton to the public hence proving socially responsible behaviour. Purpose: The purpose of this article is to give an overview of home and foreign scientific literature dealing with social responsibility of companies and to present a good practice example. Method: I used a descriptive research method, which is based on the studies of theoretical content and the use of pre-existing home and foreign scientific literature. Results: The idea of the archaeological park Marof is presented as a social responsibility of the nation (the preservation of the archaeological cultural heritage), the social responsibility of the organization (offer for tourists), individual social responsibility (quality spent free time), social responsibility of the professionals involved (archaeologists and other professionals). Organization: Museums are public cultural institutions concerned with the preservation of the mobile cultural heritage. The main activiti es of museum do not only involve collecting, sorting, listing, researching and preserving of this heritage but also presenting the collected material to the public. This presentation normally takes place through permanent and special archaeological exhibitions. In this casehowever the material would be presented in situ on the spot where it was first found and excavated – in archaeological park Marof. Society: Educational, culturally entertaining and social emotional experiences would be offered to the visitors of the archaeological park Marof. Originality: The originality of this article stems from the lack of studies on this particular topic.Consequently this article leads to an opening of many possibilities for further research and thinking. Limitations/Future Research: In this review article I limited myself to an overview of scientific literature. In the future I could compare the gathered results with research that has already been done in this research area.