The Clinical Respiratory Journal (Dec 2022)

Application of Bronchoscopic TransParenchymal Nodule Access in tuberculous bronchial occlusion

  • Qiusheng Jing,
  • Zhimin Hu,
  • Mingdi Wu,
  • Min Liu,
  • Panli Yu,
  • Ling Sun,
  • Xianxiang Chen

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 16, no. 12
pp. 842 – 848


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Abstract Bronchoscopic TransParenchymal Nodule Access (BTPNA) technology is mainly used for sampling or ablative treatment of lung parenchymal lesions that cannot be reached by bronchoscopy and its appendages, generally for palliative treatment of some lung tumors. We used BTPNA to treat a 32‐year‐old young woman with pulmonary tuberculosis and successfully perforated her occluded left main bronchus. Her left atelectasis was recovered, and a silicone stent was inserted to preserve the shape of the left main bronchus.