Virtual gasoline engine based on augment reality for mechanical engineering education

MATEC Web of Conferences. 2018;197:16002 DOI 10.1051/matecconf/201819716002


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Abdullah Ade Gafar
Mulyanti Budi
Rohendi Dedi


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This paper aims to create virtual gasoline engine based on Augment Reality which are used to study working principle of gasoline engine in mechanical engineering of higher education institution. The Application can help participants learn to understand the working principle of a gasoline engine with three-dimensional visualization (3D) through an android smartphone device. The current learning process is still using the practicum module and engine stand to carry out practicum activities, the method makes the participants learn bored in addition to having to share with other students because of limited time practicum that has been determined so that learning activities become less effective. Augmented Reality is a technological innovation that is currently developing where with the technology we can combine virtual objects into the real world directly with the form of three-dimensional (3D). The working principle of the gasoline engine will be presented using a three-dimensional multimedia visualization embedded in the application. The learning module consists of a didactic model and a form of learning. A special feature of this application is the use of three-dimensional visualization that can be operated via desktop computers and smartphones by utilizing the camera facility as a marker.