Peuce (2020-11-01)

Mirror, Mirror … Reflections on the functionality of a small lead find from Acic Suhat (Baia, Tulcea county)

  • Alina STREINU,
  • Dávid Zs. SCHWARCZ,
  • Dragoș MIREA

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 18
pp. 171 – 202


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The paper presents a small circular mirror frame found in the rural settlement at Acic Suat. The mirror is made out of lead and decorated with radial lines on the frame, missing the reflective surface. Even though, such finds are numerous in the Danubian and Black Sea provinces, their functionality is still questionable, ranging from cosmetic to votive. Discussing the find from Acic Suat, together with the analogies and their potential functions, allows us to integrate the item in a wider context. Two sets of analyses were performed on the mirror, ED-XRF and PIXE, revealing its composition and highlighting the presence of bismuth and silver which can be indicators for the provenance of the lead core.