Studia Humanitatis (2021-04-01)

Means of verbalization of the spatial subcategory “locativity” in the English terminology of biotechnology sphere

  • Syrotina Olena Oleksiyivna

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1


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The article studies the features of the spatial subcategory of locativity in the terminology of the biotechnology sphere and the identification of a set of tools in the English language that serve to express this subcategory. The relevance of this work is due to the insufficient study of the categorization phenomenon in English biotechnological terminology within the framework of the cognitive paradigm. The author characterises the main means of the spatial locative subcategory verbalization and their structural features in the studied term system. Concepts related to the topological properties of space and participating in the creation of a locative subcategory are verbalized by special spatial vocabulary; specialized spatial morphemes; terms created on the basis of metaphorical transfer and syntactic constructions that carry spatial information.