Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine (Dec 2018)

Evaluation of the Impact of Physiotherapy on Physical Fitness and Ranges of Motion of Selected Joints of Elderly Women from the Karkonosze University of the Third Age in Jelenia Góra – Preliminary Results.

  • Dorota Cichoń,
  • Zofia Ignasiak,
  • Iwona Demczyszak,
  • Małgorzata Fortuna,
  • Tomasz Ignasiak,
  • Małgorzata Milko

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 24


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An important aspect of a senior's life is to be able to function independently in his or her own and family surroundings as long as possible, actively participate in social life without economic barriers. Numerous studies show that the quality of life and the biological condition of the elderly alongside nutrition are clearly dominant and have a positive effect on their functional physical fitness. In order to promote physical activity and physiological prevention among the elderly, a physiotherapeutic program was organized under the "Summer Sanatorium of Prevention of the spine pain syndrome", which was attended regularly by a group of senior citizens from the Karkonosze University of the Third Age in Jelenia Góra. The aim of the study was to compare the level of functional physical activity before and after treatment among the participants. The study was conducted among 20 women aged 60-75 years, before and after 6 weeks of treatment, which included: gymnastics for prevention of back pain syndromes, relaxation training, full spine massage, TENS electrotherapy and ultrasound in the lumbar and cervical spine. Research included; assessment of functional physical fitness by the Functional Senior Fitness Tests: „stretching behind" and "slope forward", ranges of motion within the selected joints of the spine, upper and lower limbs. The selected form of physiotherapeutic treatment improves the results obtained after test with the Functional Senior Fitness Test and influences the range of motion in the selected joints, which demonstrates that physical fitness is improved. Physical activity in the form of general-purpose gymnastics favors higher levels of functional fitness of elderly women, physical therapy and massage improves mood and makes older people more willing to participate in physio preventing programs. The conducted research proves that the developed program was optimal and showed a positive effect on the daily functional fitness of the examined persons.