Akofena (Dec 2023)

The pedagogical implications of posting learners’ language errors on social media

  • Abigail Narkie ODURO

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 03, no. 10


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Abstract: This paper is in the domain of foreign language teaching and learning and takes a pedagogical approach to the implementation of error correctional methods in language classrooms. The paper adopts the theoretical framework of Krashen’s (1988) Affective filter and also takes into account the communicative approach to teaching and learning. We considered how language learners’ mistakes made in classrooms end up trending on social media and its effects on the learner and his/her participation in pedagogical activities. Again, we examined the effects of error correctional methods by some teachers on language learners. Some teachers who teach predominantly in public basic schools in Greater Accra Region of Ghana and selected pupils were interviewed to seek their opinion on the subject matter. The survey proved that some teachers lack competence in handling learners oral and written errors to the extent that some minors are filmed and posted on social media to expose their errors. The study further revealed that this trend is driven by the ignorance of the victims, poor supervision and implementation of child right policy in the education sector. We concluded that stakeholders such as educational institutions should effectively and constantly play their supervisory role for early detection and control of such acts. Teachers should also respect and consider the best interest of their learners by not exposing them to cyberbullying or taking any action that will demotivate them. Keywords: Error, Foreign language, Social media, Cyberbullying, Child right policy