Abril (2019-06-01)

Writing and testimony in 'O livro dos guerrilheiros', by Luandino Vieira

  • Terezinha Taborda Moreira

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 11, no. 22
pp. 27 – 38


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This study focused on the strategies adopted by the narrator to tell the experienced in the text O livro dos guerrilheiros – 2nd edition from the De rios velhos e guerrilheiros (2009) Trilogy, written by Luandino Vieira. The hypothesis of this study is that the purpose of narrating the experienced might be thought as a type of “self-writing”, on Judith Butler’s perspective. The “self-writing” is the narrator’s choose to tell his story and the story of the guerrillas fighter imbued with an ethical value that involves a commitment to himself, to the other and to the History of Angola.