Sensors & Transducers (Jan 2014)

A New Data Processing Algorithm for the Standard Meter

  • Faquan ZHANG,
  • Pingdong GAO,
  • Guofu WANG,
  • Jincai YE

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 162, no. 1
pp. 184 – 189


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A new data processing algorithm was proposed against shortcomings in compensating algorithm for data of the standard meter. According to fluid continuity, volume data of flow for the standard meter were normalized so that difference values between calculating volume and standard volume were comparable. Using spline interpolating algorithm flow difference value of arbitrary flow point was obtained. Then this value was changed into corresponding value of present flow point. Approximate data to standard volume was obtained by modifying calculating volume. The algorithm changed three-dimensional interpolating operation into two-dimensional interpolating operation and improved accuracy of interpolating operation and precision of the whole calibrating facility. Results show that the algorithm is of fully operational, easy to implement and effective.