The Teaching of Speaking in Big Classes

Register Journal. 2016;4(1) DOI 10.18326/rgt.v4i1.453


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Journal Title: Register Journal

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Publisher: IAIN Salatiga

Society/Institution: ELITE Association Indonesia

LCC Subject Category: Language and Literature: Philology. Linguistics: Language. Linguistic theory. Comparative grammar

Country of publisher: Indonesia

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Ruwandi Ruwandi (English Department of Educational Faculty State Islamic Studies Institute (STAIN) Salatiga Jl. Tentara Pelajar No. 02 Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia)


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Speaking is the most important language skill. The language user’s capability will be immediately understood and measured through the skill because this is the most visible proficiency. Difficulties of teaching speaking vary dependent upon the class size. Teaching speaking in big classes is more difficult than teaching of it in small classes. The main constraint is the time allotment. To answer the problem, speaking teachers should be creative to set the intensive classroom activities. If this is true, they need to identify students speaking skill to understand their alertness for the following language instructions. Besides that, they are also responsible to identify their basic need in the class whether this is only for question and answer, dialog, discussion, debate, or others. To anticipate the time constraints, the teachers engage to select the possible methods and strategies for presenting the interesting instructional materials. At the end, teachers should divide the time allotment adjust and proportionally for their students so they are able to self-express and share ideas in those interactive classroom situations.