Scientific Reports (Feb 2021)

Affinity-based proteomics reveals novel binding partners for Rab46 in endothelial cells

  • Lucia Pedicini,
  • Sabina D. Wiktor,
  • Katie J. Simmons,
  • Ashley Money,
  • Lynn McKeown

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 11, no. 1
pp. 1 – 16


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Abstract Rab46 is a novel Ca2+-sensing Rab GTPase shown to have important functions in endothelial and immune cells. The presence of functional Ca2+-binding, coiled-coil and Rab domains suggest that Rab46 will be important for coupling rapid responses to signalling in many cell types. The molecular mechanisms underlying Rab46 function are currently unknown. Here we provide the first resource for studying Rab46 interacting proteins. Using liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC–MS/MS) to identify affinity purified proteins that bind to constitutively active GFP-Rab46 or inactive GFP-Rab46 expressed in endothelial cells, we have revealed 922 peptides that interact with either the GTP-bound Rab46 or GDP-bound Rab46. To identify proteins that could be potential Rab46 effectors we performed further comparative analyses between nucleotide-locked Rab46 proteins and identified 29 candidate effector proteins. Importantly, through biochemical and imaging approaches we have validated two potential effector proteins; dynein and the Na2+/ K+ ATPase subunit alpha 1 (ATP1α1). Hence, our use of affinity purification and LC–MS/MS to identify Rab46 neighbouring proteins provides a valuable resource for detecting Rab46 effector proteins and analysing Rab46 functions.