npj Quantum Information (Nov 2023)

Realization of a quantum neural network using repeat-until-success circuits in a superconducting quantum processor

  • M. S. Moreira,
  • G. G. Guerreschi,
  • W. Vlothuizen,
  • J. F. Marques,
  • J. van Straten,
  • S. P. Premaratne,
  • X. Zou,
  • H. Ali,
  • N. Muthusubramanian,
  • C. Zachariadis,
  • J. van Someren,
  • M. Beekman,
  • N. Haider,
  • A. Bruno,
  • C. G. Almudever,
  • A. Y. Matsuura,
  • L. DiCarlo

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. 1
pp. 1 – 7


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Abstract Artificial neural networks are becoming an integral part of digital solutions to complex problems. However, employing neural networks on quantum processors faces challenges related to the implementation of non-linear functions using quantum circuits. In this paper, we use repeat-until-success circuits enabled by real-time control-flow feedback to realize quantum neurons with non-linear activation functions. These neurons constitute elementary building blocks that can be arranged in a variety of layouts to carry out deep learning tasks quantum coherently. As an example, we construct a minimal feedforward quantum neural network capable of learning all 2-to-1-bit Boolean functions by optimization of network activation parameters within the supervised-learning paradigm. This model is shown to perform non-linear classification and effectively learns from multiple copies of a single training state consisting of the maximal superposition of all inputs.