Mathematical Problems in Engineering (2015-01-01)

Small-Signal Modeling of Marine Electromagnetic Detection Transmitter Controlled-Source Circuit

  • Haijun Tao,
  • Yiming Zhang,
  • Xiguo Ren

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2015


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Marine electromagnetic transmitter transmits electromagnetic waves with large power frequency conversion to the seabed to obtain the submarine structure and mineral resources. However, the current transmitter presents several problems, such as low efficiency, serious heat, and poor adaptability to the load. Soft-switching controlled-source circuit is used to reduce circuit losses. The mathematical model of controlled-source circuit should be established to realize a closed-loop control for increasing the output transient performance of electromagnetic waves. Given that the soft-switching controlled-source circuit has more status and that direct modeling is difficult, small-signal model of soft-switching controlled-source circuit is established based on that of hard-switching controlled-source circuit by analyzing the effect of output filter inductor current transformer leakage inductance and input voltage soft-switching controlled circuit on change in the duty cycle. Finally, experiments verify the accuracy and validity of the model.