Развитие образования (2019-09-01)

Ecology of the cognitive-educational space of the digital age

  • Ekaterina V. Petrova

Journal volume & issue
no. 3 (5)
pp. 28 – 32


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The article is devoted to the ecology of cognitive-educational space of the digital age. The author points out that the need to obtain information from the outside world is one of the biological needs of man. The information environment is becoming the main habitat of modern man, spreading to all areas, including the educational one. The author wonders how digital educational technologies influence the formation of critical thinking, mental performance, the ability to be at ease with a lot of information and choose the right one from it? The author comes to the conclusion emphasizing that providing new opportunities for mastering knowledge, information society technologies often have a negative impact on the formation of consciousness and thinking of the younger generation and at the same time the impact of digital technology can lead to a change in the «cognitive portrait» of mankind, stimulating the development of emotional intelligence.