Viaggiatori (Sep 2019)

Les deux voyages de la corvette « La Recherche » en Islande et au Groenland de 1835 et 1836

  • Roland Le Huenen

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3, no. 1
pp. 69 – 86


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The article relates the first scientific expedition of the famous corvette La Recherche, who explored Greenland and Iceland between 1835 and 1836, with the main purpose of finding the warship La Lilloise, disappeared two years before. Having found no trace of the missing ship, La Recherche did a long journey, bringing many scientific results, which made this trip only the first part of a long season of exploration, which brought the corvette and the Commission scientifique du Nord crisscrossing the Arctic seas for several years, becoming one of the most famous scientific expeditions of the 19th century.