Развитие образования (2019-05-01)

Sound-syllabic structure of speech formation specificities of children with general underdevelopment of speech

  • Anzhela R. Fomina,
  • Emma A. Azhumarova

Journal volume & issue
no. 2 (4)
pp. 58 – 62


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The article deals with the features of underdevelopment of speech of 1–4 level of preschool and primary school children in terms of the formation of sound-syllabic structure. The quantitative and qualitative description of characteristic errors and shortcomings in speech of children with General underdevelopment of speech (motor alalia, dysarthria, rhinolalia), the influence of insufficiency of mastering the sound-syllabic structure on the formation of writing is given. The authors rely on the results of modern research of scientists in the field of speech therapy: Titova T.A., Levina R. E., Filicheva T.B., Markova A.K., Usanova O.N. Materials of the article can be used by speech therapists and teachers in the analysis and classification of identified speech disorders of children with underdevelopment of speech in the field of sound-syllabic structure.