Working Effectiveness of Dissemination Channels as Perceived by Potato Growers

International Journal of Agricultural Management and Development. 2011;1(1):1-6


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Journal Title: International Journal of Agricultural Management and Development

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Khalid Mehmood

Shahbaz Talib Sahi

Muhammad Zakaria Yousuf Hassan

Tahir Munir Butt

Naeem-ul Hassan


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A research can also reveal the cooperative effectiveness ofagencies such as evaluation will lead to discover theweakness and strengths for further improvement of this program.The present study was designed in 2009 especially to see theeffectiveness of the working of agricultural extension staff asperceived by farmers in district Okara-Pakistan. The data werecollected with the help of a specifically designed and pre-testedinterview schedule and total sample was 300 respondents. Theresults showed that most 45.0% of the respondents belongedto the old age (31-40 years) category and most 30% of therespondents were above illiterate. An overwhelming majority77.33% of the respondents was in fall radio category. Whereas,only 29.33% of the respondents reported that they had contactwith Extension Field Staff. An overwhelming majority 74.33%of the respondents indicated lack of mobility as the majorconstraints in approaching agricultural extension educationservices. It was concluded that different mass media were notfully utilized in the area which hindered not only awarenesslevel of the respondents but also adversely effect the adoptionlevel regarding the latest production technology relatedagriculture sector. On the basis of conclusions it was recommendedthat for first of all the educational level of the study areashould be increased and Government should ensure adequateavailability of rural infrastructure facilities to enable more ofthe dwellers cultivate the habit of utilizing medias channels assource of information in agriculture production.