Economic and Business Review (Dec 2014)

Science-Industry Cooperation in Slovenia: Determinants of Success

  • Maja Bučar,
  • Matija Rojec

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 16, no. 3
pp. 315 – 336


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Paper analyses barriers to science-industry cooperation in Slovenia through three detailed case studies. Each case tackles both sides, industry (firms) and science (university/research institute). Case studies confirm our assumption that it is the lack of companies with in-house R&D activities which is the main structural deficit for more science-industry cooperation. Strengthening of firms’ in-house R&D departments and staff, and clustering of firms around the most propulsive ones is the precondition for more science-industry cooperation. Successful science-industry cooperation can only be developed gradually, most often on the basis of previous personal contacts between main actors on both sides. Case studies reflect no impact of the intermediary institutions on science-industry cooperation.