A Multi-Criteria Approach to Dry Port Location in Developing Economies with Application to Vietnam

Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics. 2016;32(1):23-32 DOI 10.1016/j.ajsl.2016.03.003


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Lam Canh Nguyen (University of Antwerp, Belgium & Lecturer, Vietnam Maritime University, Vietnam)
Theo Notteboom (Dalian Maritime University, China & Antwerp Maritime Academy, Belgium & University of Antwerp, Belgium & Ghent University, Belgium)


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This paper presents a conceptual framework for the inclusion of multiple criteria in the evaluation of dry port location in developing countries from a multiple stakeholder perspective. We present the framework in four steps. The first step encompasses preliminary research to filter the alternative locations for dry port development. In the second step, the stakeholders are clustered in three groups: dry port users, dry port service providers and the wider community. Then, we present the sub-criteria related to dry port location including the associated measuring methods. The third step includes an explanation on the methods used for weighing these criteria and sub-criteria. A multi-criteria analysis is carried out in the final step. We apply the methodological framework to Vietnam. The location of a new dry port project in Vinh Phuc province will be evaluated against two existing inland clearance depots (ICD) in Lao Cai and Phu Tho province.