Frontiers in Neuroscience (Mar 2019)

A 4.8-μVrms-Noise CMOS-Microelectrode Array With Density-Scalable Active Readout Pixels via Disaggregated Differential Amplifier Implementation

  • Jun Ogi,
  • Yuri Kato,
  • Yusaku Nakashima,
  • Kenji Ikeda,
  • Motoko Jingu,
  • Yoshihisa Matoba,
  • Naohiko Kimizuka,
  • Chigusa Yamane,
  • Masataka Maehara,
  • Takuya Kishimoto,
  • Shigeki Hashimoto,
  • Eriko Matsui,
  • Yusuke Oike

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 13


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We demonstrate a 4.8-μVrms noise microelectrode array (MEA) based on the complementary-metal-oxide-semiconductor active-pixel-sensors readout technique with disaggregated differential amplifier implementation. The circuit elements of the differential amplifier are divided into a readout pixel, a reference pixel, and a column circuit. This disaggregation contributes to the small area of the readout pixel, which is less than 81 μm2. We observed neuron signals around 100 μV with 432 electrodes in a fabricated prototype chip. The implementation has technological feasibility of up to 12-μm-pitch electrode density and 6,912 readout channels for high-spatial resolution mapping of neuron network activity.