Materials & Design (2021-04-01)

In situ formation of a carbon nanotube buckypaper for improving the interlaminar properties of carbon fiber composites

  • Yadong Wu,
  • Xiuyan Cheng,
  • Shaoyun Chen,
  • Bo Qu,
  • Rui Wang,
  • Dongxian Zhuo,
  • Lixin Wu

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 202
p. 109535


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To improve the interlaminar properties of carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites (CFRPs), a hybrid fiber mat (i-MBP-PCF) was prepared by in situ deposition of a multiwalled carbon nanotube buckypaper (i-MBP) on the surface of functionalized CF fabric (PCF). The effect of the hybrid fiber mat on the interlaminar and electrical properties was systematically investigated. The results showed that the i-MBP-PCF hybrid fiber mat showed excellent interlaminar and electrical property enhancement functions. The interlaminar shear strength (ILSS), Mode-II interlaminar fracture toughness (GIIC), and electrical conductivity in the out-of-plane direction of i-MBP-PCF/EP increased 68.6%, 44.4%, and 6080%, respectively, compared to those of the CF/EP composite.