China, uma potência regional: análise da atuação chinesa no leste asiático

Colombia Internacional. 2017;92:157-187 DOI 10.7440/colombiaint92.2017.06


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Journal Title: Colombia Internacional

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Magno Klein Silva (Universidade da Integração Internacional da Lusofonia Afro-Brasileira (Brasil))


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The rise of China is an important challenge for the current world order, insofar as the consequences of its reemergence are still uncertain. This study analyses the regional policy of China and the challenges it faces in adjusting its project of development to the reality of Asia. It uses Sandra Destradi’s approach to the different actions of regional powers to analyze the profile of China. Recently, the country has reached a turning point in its foreign policy for getting close to its neighbors: it has promoted local multilateral institutions and defended the notion of shared regional community interests. This stance of benign hegemony has been accompanied by an aggressive position on questions like international sovereignty, especially in the South China Sea.