Journal of Fuzzy Extension and Applications (Dec 2020)

An overview of data envelopment analysis models in fuzzy stochastic environments

  • Fatemeh Zahra Montazeri

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 4
pp. 272 – 278


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One of the appropriate and efficient tools in the field of productivity measurement and evaluation is data envelopment analysis, which is used as a non-parametric method to calculate the efficiency of decision-making units. Today, the use of data envelopment analysis technique is expanding rapidly and is used in the evaluation of various organizations and industries such as banks, postal service, hospitals, training centers, power plants, refineries, etc.In real-world problems, the values observed from input and output data are often ambiguous and random. To solve this problem, data envelopment analysis in stochastic fuzzy environment was proposed. Although the DEA has many advantages, one of the disadvantages of this method is that the classic DEA does not actually give us a definitive conclusion and does not allow random changes in input and output. In this paper, we review some of the proposed models in data envelopment analysis with fuzzy and random inputs and outputs.