Revista de Medicina y Cine / Journal of Medicine and Movies (2017-03-01)

The ace «As» a venom: the role of arsenic in «The name of the rose»

  • Cristian PEÑA GONZÁLEZ,
  • Victoria PÉREZ LÓPEZ,
  • Alfredo G. CASANOVA,
  • Ana Isabel MORALES

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 13, no. 1
pp. 9 – 15


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Cinema is one of the most influential media of communication accessible to population, thus constituting a valuable resource for the dissemination of any kind of message. However, sometimes it can also lead to misinterpretations and a loss of veracity contemptible at all. In this paper, the plot of The Name of the Rose is analyzed from a scientific perspective, taking into account all the toxicological aspects of the poisonings that occur and framing them in their historical context, in order to clarify if the authors have remained true to reality or have opted for a more attractive fiction.