Problemi Ekonomiki (Nov 2016)

Problems and Features of Forming Resources of the Ukrainian Financial System

  • Kovalenko Viktor M. ,
  • Dropa Yaroslav B.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4
pp. 197 – 204


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The article defines the essence of financial resources of the national economy and discloses features of their formation in the process of flow of funds between the state, economic entities, households and international financial and credit institutions. The economic content of financial resources of the state is highlighted, and sources of their formation are studied; the dynamics of volumes of the budgetary fund, government borrowings and debt servicing costs in Ukraine are analyzed. The author’s understanding of the nature of enterprise financial resources is suggested, the aggregate of sources of their generation is justified, the dynamics of forming equity and total capital in domestic enterprises is assessed. The essence and role of financial resources of households in the country’s financial system is determined, the analysis of the population income, expenses and savings is performed. Using the correlation and regression analysis there investigated the relationship between the gross domestic product, budget resources, savings of citizens, government borrowings and their servicing costs.