Thermal Science (2019-01-01)

Review of the investigations of pulverized coal combustion processes in large power plants in laboratory for thermal engineering and energy: Part A

  • Repić Branislav S.,
  • Stefanović Predrag Lj.,
  • Belošević Srđan V.,
  • Crnomarković Nenad Đ.,
  • Oka Simeon N.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 23, no. Suppl. 5
pp. 1587 – 1609


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The paper presents an overview of the results of the investigations of the processes that take place in pulverized coal combustion boilers and power plants which, in a longer period of time, were realized in the Laboratory for Thermal Engineering and Energy of the "Vinča" Institute of Nuclear Sciences. The presented results were published in numerous studies realized for different users, Ph. D., M. Sc., and specialist thesis, in international and domestic scientific journals and monographs, presented at numerous international and domestic scientific meetings, etc. The main goal of the paper is to chronologically present the results of domestic research that at one time were at an enviable international level, with concrete practical applications for domestic users. This is especially important to contrast the present situation when domestic research in this area is scarce and when the energy sector relies practically only on imported technologies and foreign consultancy. [Project of the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Grant no. III42011, Grant no. III42010, Grant no. TR33018 and Grant no. TR33042] This article has been corrected. Link to the correction 10.2298/TSCI200127032E