Boletín de la Sociedad Argentina de Botánica (Jul 2017)

The moss flora of Ostrov Geologov (Geologists Island), Maxwell Bay, King George Island, Antarctica.

  • Paulo E.A.S. Câmara,
  • Barbara Guedes Costa Silva,
  • Micheline Carvalho-Silva,
  • Diego Knop Henriques

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 52, no. 2


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Located of the east coast of Fildes Peninsula, South of Ardley Island, at King George Island, Ostrov Geologov (Geologist Islands) is a small island with 0.25 miles long. It only had one plant record published so far. We have conducted extensive fieldwork on the site and provide here a comprehensive checklist and a key for the moss species occurring on the island. Despite its small size, theislandcontains about 35% of all theFildes Peninsula moss flora, six new records were found. The pristine state of the island due to its relative isolation, presence of avian nesting sites and a relatively rich moss flora are strong arguments in favor of protection status for the island.