Journal of Modern Science (Apr 2023)

Physical activity as an element of the work-life balance concept on the example of university employees

  • Edyta Bombiak,
  • Stanisław Szarek

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 50, no. 1
pp. 258 – 274


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Objectives The aim of the research was to assess the level of physical activity of university employees, as well as to identify the motives and barriers to undertaking it. Material and methods The research was carried out using the method of a diagnostic survey with the use of a questionnaire, and included 75 employees of UPH in Siedlce. Results Research has shown that among the various forms of physical activity, university employees most often choose walking and cycling. At the same time, more than half of the respondents do not implement the basic recommendation of the World Health Organization, which recommends undertaking at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week. A number of barriers to physical activity have also been identified, among which the lack of time plays a key role. It was also found that the employees of the studied university do not fully use the opportunities offered to them by the employer in terms of access to sports infrastructure. Conclusions The research results may constitute a basis for the intensification of university activities in the field of stimulating physical activity among employees as part of the work-life balance concept.