Naučnyj Vestnik MGTU GA (2020-12-01)

Multi-functional integrated technical support platform of aircraft maintenance

  • I. G. Kirpichev,
  • D. V. Petrov,
  • Yu. M. Сhinyuchin

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 23, no. 6
pp. 28 – 39


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The article discusses the formation of complex tasks of information support processes of development, manufacturing and subsequent mass long-term operation of new and advanced aircraft, aimed at further development of innovative approaches to integrated cross-industry system (platform) after-sales support of technical and flight-technical operation of civil aircraft. The article reveals the content of the main tasks focused on ensuring and managing flight safety in civil aviation of Russia and interrelated with the recommendations and legislative requirements of Annex 19 to the ICAO Convention and the Safety Management Manual. The most important factor in this case is to take into account the most complex requirements for the flight safety management system associated with maintaining the airworthiness of aircraft as a mode of transport of particular risk of use. The analysis was carried out and the General Scheme of the Multifunctional Integrated Platform was developed within the framework of the Information and Analytical Support System for the technical operation of aircraft components in relation to the scientific and production enterprise "Aerosila". The developed integrated platform realized in this air enterprise and providing information support on the allocated main functional modules is presented: the module "Safety Management System"; the module "Quality System"; the module "Certification" on the allocated objects of certification. As a result, a common information and analytical system was built, taking into account the degree of its implementation in the conditions of “Aerosila” air enterprise.