International Journal of General Medicine (Jan 2022)

Association Between the Polymorphism of Steroid Hormone Metabolism Genes and High-Altitude Pulmonary Edema in the Chinese Han Population

  • Gao H,
  • Xu J,
  • Ma Q,
  • Tang F,
  • Ga Q,
  • Li Y,
  • Guan W,
  • Ge RL,
  • Yang YZ

Journal volume & issue
Vol. Volume 15
pp. 787 – 794


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Hui Gao,1,2 Jin Xu,2 Qiang Ma,2 Feng Tang,1 Qin Ga,1 Yuhong Li,3 Wei Guan,3 Ri-Li Ge,1 Ying-Zhong Yang1,2 1Research Center for High Altitude Medical Sciences, School of Medicine, Qinghai University, Qinghai, People’s Republic of China; 2Basic Medical Sciences, School of Medicine, Qinghai University, Qinghai, People’s Republic of China; 3Department of Respiration, Affiliated Hospital, Qinghai University, Qinghai, People’s Republic of ChinaCorrespondence: Ying-Zhong Yang Tel/Fax +86 971 6143168Email [email protected]: Steroid hormone metabolism plays an essential role in high-altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) progression. This study aimed to investigate the association between polymorphism in seven steroid hormone metabolism genes (STAR, HSD3B1, HSD3B2, CYP17A1, CYP21A2, CYP11B1, and CYP11B2) and HAPE susceptibility among Han Chinese.Patients and Methods: A total of 41 tagSNPs in the seven genes were genotyped using Sequenom MassARRAY SNP assays from 169 HAPE patients (HAPE-p) and 309 matched Han Chinese individuals resistant to HAPE (HAPE-r). The genotypic and allele frequencies, odds ratios (ORs), and 95% confidence intervals (95% CIs) were calculated.Results: Four SNPs, including the allele C of rs6203 (p = 0.034, OR [95% CI] = 1.344 [1.022− 1.767]) in HSD3B1, allele G of rs3740397 (p = 0.044, OR [95% CI] = 1.314 [1.007− 1.714]) and allele C of rs10786712 (p = 0.039, OR [95% CI] = 0.751 [0.572− 0.986]) in CYP17A1, and allele T of rs6402 (p = 0.006, OR [95% CI] = 0.504 [0.306− 0.830]) in CYP11B1, were significantly associated with HAPE. The distribution of the genotypes of these SNPs also significantly differed between the HAPE-p and HAPE-r groups. Moreover, six haplotypes (the linkage disequilibrium block including rs10883783, rs4919686, rs3740397, rs3824755, and rs10786712) of CYP17A1 were also significantly associated with HAPE.Conclusion: The four SNPs located in HSD3B1 (rs6203), CYP17A1 (rs3740397 and rs10786712), and CYP11B1 (rs6402) and the six haplotypes of CYP17A1 are likely to have an effect on HAPE.Keywords: steroid hormone metabolism gene, SNP, high-altitude pulmonary edema, susceptibility