TecnoLógicas (2012-06-01)

Parameter Identification and Adaptive Control Applied to the Inverted Pendulum

  • Carlos A. Saldarriaga-Cortés,
  • Víctor D. Correa-Ramírez,
  • Didier Giraldo-Buitrago

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 28
pp. 71 – 87


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This paper presents a methodology to implement an adaptive control of the inverted pendulum system; which uses the recursive square minimum method for the identification of a dynamic digital model of the plant and then, with its estimated parameters, tune in real time a pole placement control. The plant to be used is an unstable and nonlinear system. This fact, combined with the adaptive controller characteristics, allows the obtained results to be extended to a great variety of systems. The results show that the above methodology was implemented satisfactorily in terms of estimation, stability and control of such a system. It was established that adaptive techniques have a proper performance even in systems with complex features such as nonlinearity and instability.