Sustainability (Aug 2022)

Exploring Marketing Insights for Healthcare: Trends and Perspectives Based on Literature Investigation

  • Adela Laura Popa,
  • Naiana Nicoleta Ţarcă,
  • Dinu Vlad Sasu,
  • Simona Aurelia Bodog,
  • Remus Dorel Roşca,
  • Teodora Mihaela Tarcza

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 14, no. 10499
p. 10499


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The study aims to provide a series of information that will contribute to the understanding of the concept of healthcare marketing and other associated concepts from the perspective of how research in the field has evolved. We aim to quantify the scientific interest in the field of healthcare marketing and to extract aspects that will contribute to a better understanding of the trends that characterize the specific vision of this topic. The research involves a bibliometric analysis, and the conduct of the study is based on the investigation of the academic literature from the Scopus and PubMed databases based on the PRISMA methodology. The study investigates 1077 papers published between 2000 and 2022. According to our study, the most productive countries in the field of healthcare marketing academic publications are the United States, the United Kingdom, and India. As research themes, the study revealed that customer/patient satisfaction, medical tourism, social marketing, and hospital-related marketing topics are highlighted based on cluster analysis of authors keywords. We also discuss the significant lack of research to clarify the use of the concepts such as patient/client/customer in healthcare marketing and to understand the role of prevention services as essential in sustainable healthcare.