Antarctic Record (Nov 2009)

Practical use of solar system on Antarctic field survey ―An example of the Sor Rondane Mountains field research party, JARE-50―

  • Atsushi Kamei,
  • Mikio Abe,
  • Toshiaki Shimura,
  • Masaki Yuhara,
  • Masaaki Owada,
  • Kazuhiro Tsukada,
  • Tomokazu Hokada,
  • Masaaki Kinoshita

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 53, no. 3
pp. 283 – 299


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The field party in the Sor Rondane Mountains, a part of the summer party of the 50th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE-50), performed as outdoor survey using a solar-electric system for field camping over a period of 67 days. The total amount of power generation (output: ca 12V) varied from 67 to 24 Ah/day. We obtained three important conclusions: 1) Electric power is sufficiently supplied from the solar-electric system in the field camp. 2) The solar panel (maximum output 2.3 A) used by JARE-50 generates 9-10Ah/day. 3) The solar panel did not produce electric power during the midnight sun (0000-0500 LT; the time for Showa Station area) in the Antarctic summer season.